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The CONNECTICUT HOME COMPANY Luxury Quilt Collection, Reversible, Top Choice by Decorators, Many Sizes and Patterns, All Season Weight, Machine Washable (Savannah – Twin)

RANKED #1 BY DECORATORS: The CONNECTICUT HOME COMPANY quilt collection has been a consistent top decorator choice. REVERSIBLE: Two beautiful complimentary patterns add dimension to any room. SEASONALITY: Medium weight for warmth, enables you to enjoy this quilt in all seasons. QUILT SET: 1 Quilt, 2 Shams (1 Sham for Twin Set). Measurements in description


Home Improvement: Season 1

Factory sealed DVD There’s no more reliable engine for comedy than the differences between men and women; Home Improvement puts that topic front and center. Launched from the stand-up comedy of Tim Allen (The Santa Clause, the voice of Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story), this sturdy sitcom rests on the endearing, befuddled machismo of Tim


Home Improvement: Season 8

TV Run Time: Release Date: 4/8/2012 In its eighth and final season, classic sitcom Home Improvement holds up pretty well. Sure, plenty of recurring bits have gone stale–one imagines that star Tim Allen is looking forward to the day when he’ll never have to grunt again, and hiding the face of neighbor Wilson (Earl Hindman)


Home Improvement: Season 2

Factory sealed DVD Someday someone’s going to write an academic thesis titled, “The Guy Behind the Fence: Home Improvement and Tim Allen’s Deconstruction of Manliness.” You wouldn’t think masculinity was a rich enough topic to provide fodder for 25 episodes of a sitcom–let alone eight years of one–yet in almost every episode Wilson (Earl Hindman),